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Information Management-GIS And BIM
Information Management-GIS And BIM

When designing and planning large-scale projects, large quantities of data and information have to be collected, structured, processed and managed so that the data can be shared and accessed by the relevant parties at the right time. This requires the use of state-of-the-art technology which supports integrated design processes, engineering analyses and data management. Based on project size, phase and scope, ARMENGE implements project specific solutions to facilitate meeting client requirements.

Traditional design processes have shown that information losses occur between design phases due to a non-integrated approach to design data management. ARMENGE strives to produce better quality designs for clients by utilising structured data management processes, which facilitate incorporating further design data as design stages progress. Based on client and project requirements, ARMENGE delivers coordinated designs using GIS- and/or BIM-enabled technology.

ARMENGE has long-standing competence in the development and application of data processing systems. The scope of services includes:

1) GIS (Geographic Information System)

2) BIM (Building Information Modeling)