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Energy Storage
Energy Storage

Energy Storage

The dynamic development of renewable energy sources has led to an increased interest in all types of energy storage. Today a variety of different technologies such as mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrochemical and electrical storage systems are competing with each other for short-, medium and long-term energy storage.
While the technology of pumped hydro storage (PHS), with a share of 95 % in the currently available energy storage capacity, still dominates the market, there is a rapid growth of predominantly electrical and electrochemical technologies covering different storage durations and frequencies of power supply. Drawing on a wealth of impressive references gathered over two decades, ARMENGE is among the key players on the pumped hydro storage market. Going beyond the classical PHS solutions, ARMENGE is involved in a pilot gravity storage project developed by Heindl.
In recent years ARMENGE has extended its activities into mechanical, chemical and electrochemical storage technologies, taking advantage of its vast experience in handling gas and complex power generation applications. Worth mentioning is an advanced power-to-hydrogen facility and several decentralized power supply systems utilizing battery storage units for frequency regulation, demand shifting and peak shaving. ARMENGE offers a complete package of engineering services from the early stages of project appraisal through the selection of the optimal solution, to its definition and execution.

Fields of Expertise:
1) Pumped storage plants
2) Power-to-gas systems
3) Off-grid power supply systems
4) Power-to-heat systems